The Principle

GPER acquires the departing GPs equity stake in the property, and in return receives the pro rata share of the Notional rent and any other rental income derived from the property. As no lease is required there is no need for the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), NHS England (NHSE) nor District Valuer (DV) approval.

GPER buys the share of the building and the departing GP repays their pro rata proportion of any outstanding loan or mortgage on the property enabling GPER to buy the share free of any debt or loan.

GPER, being a silent property co-owner, will not get involved with the partnership and will have no say in partnership matters, but will always be on hand to advise on any property related matters. GPER is both a property investor and an experienced sector specialist property manager.

We Will

GPER will pay its pro rata share of all external upkeep and maintenance in accordance with the Premises Cost Directions for Notional Rent payments.

GPER will meet its pro rata share of any extensions or improvements to the building if we receive our pro rata share of the additional income generated.

GPER will be there to buy subsequent GP equity shares when they choose to retire or simply wish to realise their equity stake for other reasons.

We Can

GPER can, if requested, assist in any property matter related to the surgery premises. The GPER team has wide-ranging experience in primary care property and has extensive knowledge and contacts throughout the UK. One example of where we can assist are the three yearly rent review negotiations with the District Valuer.

GPER can provide all the capital to fund any approved extension to the building. This can be for additional clinical space for the practice or other complementary providers. In return GPER will receive all the additional income generated.

We Won’t

GPER won’t get involved at all with the GP contract, GMS or PMS, and will have no say in partnership matters. This is irrespective of GPER’s share of the ownership.

Last-Person Standing

If GPER has acquired, over time, all but one equity stake in the premises and the time arrives for the last person standing to leave/retire, then GPER will acquire the last share. This is subject to the partnership providing the contracted GP services entering into a lease simultaneously with the last person’s share being acquired.

GPER’s lease will be fully in line with current recommendations. The terms of this lease can be documented into the Declaration of Trust Deed entered into at the time of GPER buying the first equity share.

Other Opportunities

GPER can buy out a retired GPs equity stake where they are often reluctant co-owners in retirement.

GPER can buy out a GPs equity stake, even when they aren’t retiring or leaving the partnership, to release their equity stake for other matters.